Are You Brooding? Toy and Book Set



Includes: Are You Brooding? Hardcover Book AND Are You Brooding? Plush Chicken, Nest,  3 plastic Eggs and 3 plush Chicks

*Gladys, the mother hen, measures 14x6x12". 

*Comes with 3 light brown plastic eggs inside. Each egg contains a yellow chick.  The eggs are about the size of a real egg.  There is a hole on the bottom of the egg, so that it can stand on it's own.

*Plush nest measures 17x14x3"

*Hand pouches in wings so children can make Gladys flap her wings and snuggle her babies!

*For ages 3 and up

*Agriculture Education.

*STEM learning. Teaches about life cycles.

*Made with synthetic materials

*Manufactured in China

Did you know that "brooding" is what you call it when a hen hatches eggs and cares for her young?  "Are You Brooding?" is the sequel to "Are You Kidding?" and tells the story of a chicken named Gladys and her curious farm friends who learn what brooding is. 36 pages. Hardcover. Written and illustrated by mother-daughter them, Steph and Vivi Allosso. Printed in Brainerd, Minnesota, USA. Copyright 2017.


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