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Are You Kidding? Toy and Book in Northfield, Minnesota

Are You Kidding? Toy and Book are now available at The Eclectic Goat in historic downtown Northfield, Minnesota, located at 413 Division St S.


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The Brassys

Hi everyone! For those of you who know me well, guess what, I've entered another contest! :) For those of you who don't know me well, I'm a contest junkie. My philosophy is, "someone has to win." 75% of the judging is about us, but 25% is based on the public response to our entry. We need your vote!! Winning would help us expand and develop new products. Thanks!

Click here to to vote! Thanks!


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Coming to Ohio soon...

Ohio has some strict regulations when it comes to plush toys. All plush toys that are sold in Ohio (even into Ohio via the internet) have to go through the state’s very own inspection. The inspection costs the manufacturer or importer around $150.00 to $200.00 to have done, on top of the $50 fee Ohio charges annually. Keep in mind, I’ve already paid $500 to have the toys inspected and tested per CPSC/ASTM guidelines and regulations (which is altogether adequate for 47 states).  
Ohio isn’t the only nutty state when it comes to plush toys. Pennsylvania and Massachusetts also have their own state laws regarding the licensing of toys. That said, I will be succumbing to the madness soon. I started filling out the paperwork to have them registered in Ohio yesterday and plan to send off a toy for their destructive testing sometime this week so that I can sell them legally into Ohio. Sorry if I sound a little frustrated about this, but they don’t make it easy for small batch manufacturers to get a leg up!
Our Pennsylvania registration was completed last week.  It was pretty painless.  After we get the thumbs-up from Ohio, I will start the process for Massachusetts.
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