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impromptu video, fun emails and adorable goat names

We were visiting with friends yesterday and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to video  their ADORABLE 5 year-old son playing with Margo and her babies. I can't tell you how much I love to see children play with our toys and to hear from our customers.

Are You Kidding? Plush Toy from Steph Allosso on Vimeo.

Here's some of what we've been hearing: 

"I purchased your book and stuffed animal at the Union Depot Holiday Bake Sale. We LOVE it. My daughter LOVES it and I need to buy more from you for gifts! I’ll be buying some online. We read the book about 10 times last night before bed. And she sleeps with the baby goats and I sleep with the mommy goat J J"

"We just got Margo in the mail. The kids love having her give birth:)"

"My son takes Margo and the kids everywhere we go. He loves showing off the toys. They're a hit!"

"Hi! I bought this for our 4-H club. I think it will be a great tool for presentations."

"My in-laws sent us Margo and the book for Christmas. My girls LOVE IT! We have goats and are expecting our first kids in February, so this fits right in."

"This is the cutest way EVER to show how birth works!"


Thanks for all the great emails. I appreciate the support and feedback!

Lastly, you know how at the end of "Are You Kidding?" the duck asks the reader, "What are their names?"


My friend's son in the above video came up with my favorite name (so far) for the little brown goat -- "Big Wayne" -- and I heard through the grape vine that a little girl from western Minnesota came up with the perfect name of "Cool Whip" for the little white goat. Cool Whip? How cute is that? If your children have come up with any fun, unusual or interesting names for Margo's kids, I'd love to hear them!








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We can now ship to Massachusetts! Take advantage of FREE SHIPPING!

We're celebrating!  We just received our license to sell products online and in brick and mortar stores in the state of Massachusetts!  To thank you for your patience, we're offering FREE SHIPPING until Oct. 31, 2016. But not just for Bay Staters -- even if you're not in Massachusetts, shipping is still free. Just use discount code FREESHIPPING

We're still waiting to hear from Ohio ... I guess we'll have to celebrate some more later!




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