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Margo at the Fair

The County Fair was a blast!  Margo must've given birth a thousand times over those 4 days!  

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Our First Fair

Yesterday we set up for the Beltrami County Fair, which is running today through Sunday. Our first fair! There was a little bit of traffic in the evening, as other vendors and people dropping off veggies and crafts stopped by to check us out. We sold a handful of goats and got lots of encouragement. Looking forward to getting going today at noon when the Fair opens in earnest. 



The weather is supposed to be good for the rest of the week, with a possible thunderstorm late this afternoon. Maybe a little rain will drive everybody indoors, so they can check us out!


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Fliers around Bemidji


Lucy digs our flier at the Wild Hare Bistro in Bemidji, MN.  

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Welcome to Gardenagerie

A gardenagerie is a combination of a garden and a menagerie. Even before our family moved from New England back to the upper Midwest several years ago, we were already planning to fill our little hobby farm with dogs, cats, goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, and a big vegetable garden. Now, Gardenagerie is also the name of our family toy company, bringing a little bit of the small farm experience to kids everywhere.


The idea for the storybook Are You Kidding and the stuffed goat Margo and her kids came from Margo’s first kidding, a couple of years ago. We’ll tell you more about that story in this blog; and also the story of how the idea became a real thing. It became even more real when a truck delivered thirty boxes of toys and books from our contract manufacturer a couple of days ago. Stay tuned for more on that story, too. 


In a few days, we’ll be introducing Margo and Are You Kidding online and at the Beltrami County Fair in northern Minnesota. Usually the fair is a chance for us to enter food, crafts, and photos into little competitions. Last year we did pretty well, although our scarecrow came in second. This year, we’re looking forward to introducing Margo – and hoping our scarecrow wins! 


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