Egg-glut Recipe #3 - Egg Drop Soup

This might be the easiest one yet!  We modified a recipe from allrecipes. Their recipe calls for chives. We didn't have any, so we used green onions.  We also didn't add the food coloring or thicken the soup with corn starch like they suggested.  And we quadrupled the recipe so there would be enough soup to serve 4.  Here's how Vivi did it:

Egg Drop Soup

4 cups chicken broth

1.5 TBS soy sauce

1.5 TBS sesame oil

4 eggs beaten

1 bunch of green onions

salt to taste

pepper to taste


First chop up green onions.  Save some of the greens to garnish soup.  

Saute the onions in sesame oil. (This part is different from Allrecipes.)

Pour the chicken broth into saucepan.

Put saucepan with broth on burner, add soy sauce and sauteed green onions/sesame oil to the broth

Beat 4 eggs while waiting for broth mixture to boil.

Add beaten eggs to boiling broth mixture, slowly and gently. 

It's done!  Now to serve it up.  Pour into bowls and garnish with left-over greens from the green onion.



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