About us

We are a family-run independent toy and book store. Gardenagerie started out as the name of our little hobby farm in northern Minnesota. It's partly a garden and partly a menagerie of animals. The inspiration for the toy and book came when our favorite goat, Margo, had her first kids. My daughter and I were inspired to write and illustrate the picture-book, "Are You Kidding?"  Margo was so compassionate and nurturing with her babies. It was clear how much she loved being a Mom, which further inspired us to develop a toy to accompany the book. We hope to bring a bit of the farm experience to you and your children. 



Steph and Vivi Allosso are a mother-daughter author team.  Together they wrote and illustrated "Are You Kidding?"

It helps to have a famous author in the family!  When Vivi was in kindergarten, she won the National PBS Kids Writers Contest with her book, "Missing Pants."  She illustrated "Are You Kidding?" just before turning 7 as a homeschool project.

First came the homeschooling, then came the hobby-farming and now the toy and book making.  Life is full of adventures!

Thanks for visiting Gardenagerie!